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About Mumbai
Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra, and the most populous city of India, with 2006). The world's 4th most populous metropolitan area, with a population of about 20 million.
About Nagpur
Nagpur is a city in the central part of India in Maharashtra state. Left side is the map of Maharashtra state shows the position of Nagpur city. Nagpur district is located between 21*45 N to 20*30 N and 78*15 E to 79*45 E, Chandrapur on the south, Amravati and Wardha on the west.
MIHAN is an ambitious project that promises to put Nagpur firmly on the fast track to economic super power station Newyork time described Nagpur “The Future International Metropolis”.
Our Vision
Become a progressive and the most trusted organization maintaining the highest Integrity, Service Excellence, Reliability and Competence and Professionalism.
Our Approach

Our organization revolves around our Real Estate Management TEAM. This TEAM is made up of specialists, who cover all aspects of real estate.

Our process involves using our investment outlook to determine the real estate investment opportunities that are available in the market, and then looking at our client’s benchmarks and guidelines to determine which opportunities are appropriate for their portfolios.

  • Identify areas in Nagpur and Mumbai that have high demand for housing. 
  • Review current zoned areas for development. 
  • Identify new areas for potential allocation to meet new housing. 
  • Identify strategic sites for potential allocation. 
  • Buy strategic sites and divide into plots. 

We seek to provide our clients with value-oriented, focused, tightly-controlled and customized real estate portfolios. We assure that your property is safe and secure by fencing at and monitoring it time to time. 

Grouped by client type, our client service executive teams work closely with the firm's relationship managers to communicate our investment strategy, monitor portfolios, and support reporting requirements.

Our primary objective is that India property buying is a simple and happy experience for our clients. Recognize and understand the need of our clients and to help them find suitable property which suits to their requirement and budget.

Our team consists of industry research specialists who have broad experience in real estate consulting services. From our extensive experience in the real estate investments in Nagpur and Mumbai, we understand that the two major challenges for the buyers are:

  • To find a suitable property, this suits to their requirements and budget. 
  • To find a local trusted real estate service provider who can provide an independent
  • Market research and seamless service solutions to buy and finance the property. 
When you go through with our proposal, terms, conditions and rates, we assure you that your hard earn money will not be duped. It is a proper investment which is secure and safe with maximum future returns.
Thanking and assuring you for your best possible services at all time.

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